Sports therapy

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Sports therapy

Sports injury rehabilitation is important for a quick, safe and effective return to sport. This involves evaluating the injury, preventing as well as treating the condition.

In the initial stage the focus is to manage pain and promote the healing. Our specialised physiotherapists prescribe exercises to target different areas such as, mobility, balance, joint positioning and flexibility. Once these are achieved exercises can be progressed to involve and improve strength, coordination, endurance and impact conditioning.

Even with an injury, the therapist can help you strengthen other body areas. Hydrotherapy is very helpful at the start the rehab program. Some of the common types of problems and injuries we treat are –

  • Acute or chronic injuries from football, rugby, tennis, skiing, running or from everyday activities.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation following Achilles tendon repair and ACL reconstruction
  • Our Physiotherapists are also trained in standard taping techniques such as athletic taping and strapping to provide muscle and joint support. K-tape is also used to support the muscles and joints while maintaining mobility during the healing process.
  • K tape can be used on:
  • Weakened muscle
  • Improving the body’s natural biomechanics
  • Muscle that has overworked
  • Aches and pain
  • Using K tape can create more space beneath the skin layer to allow for evaporation to reduce swelling.
  • K-tape can have an effect to switch off a painful muscle and also signal it to work better when applied in different manner.
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