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"The level of individual care, attention and expertise I have received through my hydrotherapy sessions has been exceptional. The team always demonstrate a clear dedication to improving my physical condition through specifically tailored exercises and my improvement since my first session has been remarkable. Thanks to a truly wonderful team."
- Deano Moncrieffe

"Had my first of 4 rehab sessions with Michaela, following an ankle bone injection, and couldn’t have been happier with the service provided. Given insightful, relevant information and exercises carried out matched my fitness level. Already feel like I’ve progressed; can’t wait for my next session and to see how my progression continues under the supervision of the clinic. The hydrotherapy looks amazing too. 5*"
- Samuel Harle

"I made it safely home to Munich by Eurostar via Brussels and Frankfurt, almost pain-free!! Despite 4 hours delays due to the weather and that after only 8 days / 6 physio sessions with you!! One thing is for sure, what you are doing, is working!

Thanks a lot again for your focus and dedication"
- Julia Maschkow

"Amazing center and pool- definitely recommend! 5*"
- Moyra Whelan

"Started Physio here two weeks ago, absolutely fantastic. Team is superb and the hydro pool is such a great workout. Highly recommended."
- Steve Alison

"Over the past few months I have had a combination of treatments, but unfortunately, the results only last an hour or two. By the time I’m home, I’m back to my usual pain levels. I have also had spine injections, which did nothing. When I arrived on Saturday, my pain level was 10/10.

Femy on worked on and around my neck and face area. On Saturday after the treatment, my pain level went down to 5/10 on my neck. When I got home two hours later, STILL felt the effects.

Now (4 days later), my pain has gone back up a little to 7/10 on the neck, but bear in mind I usually only get one hour of relief, NEVER 4 days! Apparently, my shoulder and neck alignment had changed and was better after the ultrasound. It helped me sleep too! Which is great as I have a number of sleep disorders. If this treatment became available, I would be very interested to see if the therapy was regular if the pain levels would decrease further.

I have also recommended the treatment and practice on a few Fibromyalgia Facebook groups. There is quite a lot of interest. I would like to thank Femy for giving me the opportunity to try this treatment and hope I can have more ultrasound in the future."
- Jade Westbrook

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